Literary Lemonade

Feeling a little parched (in both your mouth and your soul)? Drop by The Imprint’s lemonade stand. The Imprint will be observing and recording their surroundings in tiny, impromptu poems on paper cups, filling them and handing them out free of charge. Come by, tell your story, and receive some thirst-quenching words!

As seen at 100 in 1 Day 2015 and Word Vancouver 2018

Invite Her to the Table

Inspired by Judy Chicago’s 1979 visual artwork The Dinner Party, which invited accomplished women from history to fictional dinner party; Invite Her to the Table asks participants to invite women and femmes, to tell us who they value. Through participatory writing, women are asked to attend a contemporary paper dinner party in 2019. Write on the tablecloths, napkins and place settings – and bring others to the table.

As seen at the UBC Arts & Culture District: Turn It Up & Disrupt 2019

Your Future Tense

The Imprint found the mysterious object an eccentric aunt’s attic. Perhaps it was gifted to them by a shadowy stranger who arrived at their door one stormy night. However they got it, it seems to predict the future with alarming accuracy, but only when fed a steady diet of writing in the future tense. Drop by The Imprint’s booth to write someone’s future, and learn what the future holds for you!

Coming to Word Vancouver, September 2019

The Dream Tent

The Imprint collects the dreams of Vancouverites. As writers trusted with the hopes, fears, monsters, twilight aspirations, and early-hour observations of our fellow citizens, The Imprint uses the city’s collective stories to crowd-source the surreal imaginings and insightful hours that happen after dark.

As seen at MakerFaire Vancouver 2017