The Imprint at Word Vancouver

Word Vancouver 25th anniversary graphic, illustration of books

Join us for our new project Your Future Tense.

The Imprint found the mysterious object an eccentric aunt’s attic. Perhaps it was gifted to them by a shadowy stranger who arrived at their door one stormy night. However they got it, it seems to predict the future with alarming accuracy, but only when fed a steady diet of writing in the future tense. Drop by The Imprint’s booth to write someone’s future, and learn what the future holds for you!

Your Future Tense will be at the Vancouver Public Library on Sunday September 29th. Admission is free.

Word Vancouver is Western Canada’s largest celebration of literacy and reading. Held during the week leading up to the last Sunday of September at various venues throughout the city, our festival promotes books and authors with free exhibits, performances, and hands-on activities for a wide range of ages and interests.

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